‘Re.set™’ is a mixture of intensive spiritual and practical therapy developed to reset your system on a cellular level. As the name suggests, its aim is to help you start anew, with a fresh mindset, which can enable you to rekindle and power up your dreams and goals.

This program is designed for those who need a clean slate and a fresh start. Whatever your personal challenges may be, they will be addressed through a tailor-made program depending on your unique situation. While human beings are all made of the same matter, every soul is unique; and therefore, demands a different approach.

For some this will mean we will focus on a specific method of meditation. For others, it's a combination of techniques carried out using all the necessary equipment. We take a holistic approach as we not only heal you through chakra allignment, but help regenerate and energize you through other means, depending on your situation.

Our Re.set™ Program helps you to achieve profound depths in your meditation, which results in eliminating any type of accumulated stress in your body, mind, and soul. As a result, you’ll emerge a new person, self-aware and illuminated, seeing the world with very different eyes.

You will feel Renewed, Re-energized, Ready to take on the world again.