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Meditation techniques were found in Indian scriptures dating back five thousand years. It is believed that Asia was the cradle of meditation. Over millennia, meditation spread across Asia and evolved into various styles and forms, shaped by the cultural differences of these regions.

First of all, we don’t want to overload you with information about what meditation is. The web is full of it; some good, some lacking. So, have at it. But rather than surfing the net for opinions, we believe that all desired states of mind should be experienced. The only way to do that is by practicing.


Furthermore, unlike what many schools teach, our approach is as much spiritual as it is technical. We view the mind as a vehicle. For it to run smoothly, the right tools, techniques, and maintenance practices are required. There is nothing airy-fairy about it. Nor do you need to dress or behave in a particular manner. The most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and at ease. When you get the hang of repairing your body from the inside, it is turns into something instinctive and as straightforward as organizing your wardrobe.

Every individual is unique, so the best way to address this is through a one-to-one consultation. Contact us at connect@normagogar.com and we will happy to assist you further.

Depending on the day’s tasks, we use mats, cushions, eye pillows, crystals, timers, bells, gongs, blankets, and incense. All this equipment is available for your convenience. We do, however, always advise participants to use their own, because we work with energy – and as you may know, energy tends to ‘stick’. It goes without saying that after every practice, supplies will be washed and cleaned, so in case you don’t have your own mat and cushion, we will gladly help you with it.

Anything you feel comfortable in. When it comes to colour therapy practice or chakra healing, you will be informed in advance about the dress code. However, we advise you to wear light colours for regular practice. Dark colours are known to absorb light. For our outdoor programs, we recommend comfortable shoes, just in case the work involves walking meditation, for example.

Regulating your mind will definitely be beneficial for your health. However, we strongly advise you to always seek the advice of a medical practitioner when you are suffering with health issues. Meditation goes extremely well with any medical treatment, and it also helps you deal with a variety of side-effects.

Meditation has little to do with religion. The state of mind that you experience through mediation is often described as divine, due to the love, peace and harmony it brings – the three fundamentals of basically any religion. For this reason, there is some confusion around this topic. You don’t have to be religious to turn within. Religious people use meditation as a tool, to quiet their mind, so they can connect to their god. Others might connect to their pets, soulmates, and so on.

Entering these spaces often intensifies feelings of fatigue and ill health. Another common factor is waking up tired after a good night’s sleep. For office environments, this translates into distracted and uninspired employees, which results in poor turnovers.


(We work constantly with people who are in the public eye, including politicians, sportsmen, and TV celebrities. We understand that discretion is extremely important to them. We protect this valuable information they share with us at all cost.)

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please rest assured that your personal information is handled according to our non-disclosure agreement, which must be followed by everyone in our team, as well as any third party contracted by us.

Please see our Privacy Policy page for detailed information.


Definitely. As much as I love to sit in quiet, I also love to talk about sitting in quiet. Please reach out to me at connect@normagogar.com and let me know what you have in mind. Unfortunately I do have a tight schedule due to intensive programs and the traveling that comes with it, so I can accept only a limited number of events and workshops per year.

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