It was the year 1983 that I was born in the Netherlands into a loving family. As a citizen of Europe with roots that stretched across to India and South America, my mission was clear to me very early on. My quest in life would be to understand and combine the best philosophies and methods of worlds that are inherently different. In so doing, I would maintain a balance that would endure through times made difficult by politics, targets, competition, and the pressure to perform.

The conclusion of my research was as enriching as it was enlightening. In essence, the world and its unfathomable habits simply can't change overnight. The cliché that a better world starts with a better you is undeniable. And a better you starts from within. But how do you get to the very core of your being? How do you explore and better yourself? Most importantly, what good will it do you and the world you live in?


In my early 20s, I spent studying in Brazil. I travelled the world in search of answers to questions on a deeper level. I initiated my first program called 'Saude Mental no Trabalho' (or Mental Health at Work). I developed it while I was searching for an internship in Brazil, which took a great deal of effort and patience, given the lack of English speaking HR departments at that time.

Having studied international business at university, I started out as a corporate consultant soon after graduating. It quickly became apparent that employees like myself, who were able to accelerate in this high-pressure environment, were hard to come by. To figure out what was causing this difference, I looked for commonalities between those with outstanding results and those who lagged behind.

It became apparent that colleagues who flourished despite the high levels of stress took excellent care of their mind, body, and spirit. Their lifestyle yielded excellent results for the company. And those who couldn't cope with the pressure often faced (the risk of) a full-on burn-out. I was convinced that everybody could and should learn how to take care of themselves when operating under extremely stressful circumstances. And I was determined to do my bit, so that they wouldn't end up like many other professionals in demanding professional environments.

Over the years, I gained experience and gathered various degrees in business, personnel psychology, meditation, and counselling. Having been taught by the finest in the field, I made it my life's mission to spread this knowledge around the world, helping as many people as I possibly can.

Today I am a Meditation Teacher. My life’s ambition is to help people around the world bring more love, peace, and harmony into their lives. I travel the world, training, teaching and empowering politicians, artists, executives and professionals. I also help organizations create a safe space for their employees, balanced personnel equals a balanced company. My signature method, 'Re.set™', is a program which stems from a variety of effective ancient techniques translated for our modern world.